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Windows 10 - Can You Upgrade to Windows 10 Home Or Will You Simply Upgrade Your PC?

The new Windows version called Windows 10 has really gotten a lot of people excited about the most recent version of the operating system of Microsoft. Needless to say, many have been surprised by how much better it is than its predecessor, Windows 7.

There is some bad news for those wanting to update their current PC. They will be forced to use a special edition of Windows which costs a small fortune and does not include a free copy of their new OS. This is because Microsoft has made sure that its prior versions are compatible with the Windows 10, so if they wish to, users will be able to run Windows on this edition.

The fact that Windows 10 will run on the new operating system ensures that the versions which were released previously will no longer be supported. If you are considering upgrading to Windows 10 since it runs faster or it looks better than your current computer, you want to realize you'll need to buy a new system if you would like the upgrade. There are other reasons but this one is quite troubling.

At exactly the same time, Windows XP is also getting some new software that was specially designed to work with the new operating system. Unfortunately, it will not work properly with Windows 10 home unless you have upgraded to a version of Windows that doesn't have support for the XP software. This is the reason upgrading to Windows 10 home is becoming such a hot topic of discussion among PC users.

Users are currently considering the option of getting a new computer just so they could take advantage of all the new functionality and capabilities. The problem is that when they try to really find a new computer, the computers all that they encounter offer the same specifications they have. They'll be sold with a processor that is twice as fast, have the RAM and have double the card.

While it may seem that this is going to be a enormous improvement, it is still not what you're looking for in a computer. You want to purchase a computer which will be able to support all of the software that you want to set up and that will give you a boost over the performance of your computer.

Fortunately, the best way to get the system that you require is to use one of the many Windows compatibility discs which are available on the market. These discs allow you to return and download any software that you want to install and they will allow you to run Windows 10 house and Windows Vista home perfectly.

This will allow you to get your new computer up and running in no time. Bear in mind that not only will you save money by taking advantage of the new compatibility features of Windows 10 home, but you will also get to enjoy the speed and stability that you've been missing out on while using a computer that is not compatible with W